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This is a form that was developed by the author of Fibro Wiki, Dr. Mark Doidge, M.D. There are not published reports on it as of 2021, but it has been used for 10 years as a clinical assessment tool.

The author believes that it is useful to diagnose fibromyalgia, and to assess its severity. However, this belief has not been formally tested; although, there is an extensive scientific literature on all elements in this table. The author believes that each abnormal reaction involves a separate pathway in the brain, pain receptors, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. For example, there is a special pathway in the nervous system for withdrawal. The author is also of the opinion that when total scores are high, and pain thresholds are low, it indicates severe somatosensory system central sensitization.

Even if someone does not accept this assessment, the tool is still useful for monitoring progress and for teaching patients about the affected components of their pain system. For example, grimacing is part of the body’s automatic social-signalling to others that one is in distress. Patients do not know if their scores are abnormal. Unfortunately, until there are published normal values, it is not possible to be definitive, but anecdotally, the author is of the opinion that most normal people will have very low scores for all rows of the table.

Tender point form (restricted).png
Table of tender points exam for an individual.
Table authored by Mark Doidge, M.D., April 8 2020. ©Copyright Mark Doidge MD, All rights reserved.
This is intended to be completed during the physical examination of the patient. It generally requires one examiner to perform the examination and one to record the findings. The tender points exam is restricted. All rights reserved by Dr. Mark Doidge, M.D. To gain access to this form, you must attain the permissions. To view or utilize this form beyond restricted access, please email Dr. Mark Doidge at fibrowiki@gmail.com.