System Saturation by Pain Hypothesis of the Dysregulation in Fibromyalgia

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This is the theory that chronic widespread pain “throws off” various brain systems in fibromyalgia resulting in their dysregulation. Clinically this seems plausible, as patients often tell us that when in pain their mind does not function properly. Here are the remarks of Ceko et al. (20) on this topic: “Nevertheless, the apparent dysregulation with¬in these systems could be caused and/or perpetuated by a tonic activation related to the presence of ongoing widespread pain, so that the systems are saturated and cannot regulate further in response to external stimuli.” (Neurobiology Underlying Fibromyalgia Symptoms. Marta Ceko, M. Catherine Bushnell, and Richard H. Gracely, Pain Research and Treatment, 2012, 585419 available in full online at: