Self-pleasuring, Oral

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This is any act which stimulates the tongue, mouth or lip regions to induce self-pleasure. There are a number of forms, the most common being thumb sucking, such and lip licking habits.

Psychoanalysts speak of “oral eroticism” and “auto-eroticism” and of the mouth as a potential “erogenous zone”. This leaves the reader with the impression that oral self-pleasuring is in some sense sexual in nature. This seems speculative and so it may be preferable to avoid these terms for now and use the term “oral self-pleasuring” which is more theoretically neutral.

An interesting clinical example of oral self-pleasuring occurred in a woman with fibromyalgia and bruxism. She had the habit of inducing what she described as a “comforting” suction feeling. She stated that “While falling asleep I like to close my mouth and create a “suction feeling”. She explained: “I am almost sucking on the inside of my cheeks. I have my teeth clenched and my upper and lower molars connected. I began to clench in mid childhood off and on. It became regular about 10 years ago. Now it is a habit.” Her comforting experience sounds reminiscent of babies that fall asleep at the breast after sucking on it during breast feeding. Of some possible relevance to the overall picture is this patient is the fact that her bruxism was severe and so she had to wear a mouth guard to avoid chipping her teeth.