Scratch-induced Hyper-dysesthesia

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(Author’s term.)

From everyday experience it is known that strong scratching (as occurs when one person is scratched hard by another person’s nails to the point that bright red scratch marks occur) will cause an unpleasant feeling that will be uncomfortable. Typically, it won’t be clearly painful in calm healthy persons unless it is severe and does significant damage to the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Scratch-induced hyper-dysesthesia is unpleasant, but does not rise the level of pain. It does not rise to the level of pain found in scratch allodynia. An example of scratch-induced hyper-dysesthesia was found in one of the author’s fibromyalgia patients who during the physical exam of their pain system was scratched lightly on the skin of the back at a force that would generally not cause dysesthesia.

(Tender points: evolution of concepts of the fibrositis/fibromyalgia syndrome. Smythe H. Am J Med. 1986 Sep 29;81(3A):2-6)