Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQR)

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This is a well-established subjective test for the estimating the severity and impact of fibromyalgia on the patient. . It was developed by Dr. Robert Bennett and Dr. Ron Friend. (It is available in full online at:

For information on how to interpret it see:

“License to use the FIQR and SIQR: The FIQR and SIQR are licensed by the MAPI Research Trust on behalf of the copyright holders. Use of the FIQR and SIQR is free for academic research studies and clinical projects. Commercial use of the FIQR and SIQR requires a license.” ( The license application is available at:

For a website that has translations of the form as well as scoring and other information see:

(There is a need for an objective severity test for fibromyalgia especially for the insurance industry and for medical legal purposes. In the opinion of the author it may be possible to develop such a test using machine learning as applied to resting state EEG and mechanical pain evoked potentials.)