Pitfalls in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

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This is the author’s partial list. No doubt there are others:

  • Insistence on a quick fix.
  • Failure to consider the pivotal role of the brain and the now massive evidence that fibromyalgia is mainly a brain disorder.
  • Falling in love with your own poorly conceived ideas.
  • Anti-psychological attitude. This is an opposition to any psychological explanation for a person’s own health symptoms or problems. It is driven by an attempt to avoid responsibility. It results in disinterest or hostility to even sound psychological explanations
  • A-psychological attitude. This attitude does not opposed to psychological explanations but the person takes little interest in them and fails to even try to understand any psychological roots to their pain or other symptoms. This can create problems in working through achieving necessary psychological adjustments. An example is taking on the challenge of being hypervigilant during sleep due to a problem of insecurity and feeling unsafe.
  • Misguided eclecticism: This is when the person overwhelms themselves trying too many things at once.
  • Falling for charlatan’s that take the person’s money.
  • The Great Energy Delusion: This when some peddle a magical or semi-magical energy treatment. (See: https://encyclopediaoftouchbodysenseandpain.com/Great_Energy_Delusion,_The)
  • Failure to recognize the important role of sleep with resultant failure to accesses the best treatments such as CBT-I.
  • Accepting the 15-minute appointment problem