Neuropathic Sensory Symptoms in Fibromyalgia

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These are neuropathic type sensory symptoms that are commonly seen in fibromyalgia. They are also found in many other patients with chronic widespread pain. According to Armis et al. they “correlate with tender point count and pressure-pain thresholds”.

These authors used the “Pain DETECT Questionnaire (PDQ)” to study neuropathic pain. They found: “Deep-tissue hyperalgesia was the predominant somatosensory symptom reported in 83%, but other neuropathic symptoms were also frequent, e.g. burning 51% and prickling 47%.” (Self-reported somatosensory symptoms of neuropathic pain in fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain correlate with tender point count and pressure-pain thresholds. Amris K, Jespersen A, Bliddal H. Pain. 2010 Dec;151(3):664-9.) For further information see: Freynhagen R, Baron R, Gockel U, Tölle TR (2006) pain DETECT: a new screening questionnaire to identify neuropathic components in patients with back pain. Curr Med Res Opin 22(10):1911-1920. Also see: