Moments of Epiphany During Psychotherapy for Fibromyalgia

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Author’s opinion[edit]

These are moments of special importance to patients when they realize that come to what they believe to be an important realization as to their own psychology. Sometimes they are products of probing insightful discussion with their therapist. They can be turning points in the treatment. Deep realizations by the patient are more likely to resonate and lead them to further self-reflection aimed at correcting their key underlying issues.

Role of psychotherapy[edit]

Psychotherapy works best when there is an insightful probe of issues. An example would be a realization that even though one has been traumatized and mistreated, dwelling on it only fills the mind with the type of negative thinking and injustice collecting that is not-only not constructive, it can be destructive. If something like this were to come in a moment of epiphany, it could lead the patient to undertake a campaign to reorganize there mind away from their negative thinking patterns. Negative thinking and the associated worry is the lifeblood of insomnia, and insomnia is frequently a major contributor to fibromyalgia flare ups and muscular pain.

According to one fibromyalgia expert: “Some people as they recover from fibromyalgia experience one dramatic event that signals beyond a doubt that their life has just made a major about-face. This is their moment of epiphany. It take many forms but without exception, it is a very emotional moment.” (Selfridge, 2001, p.224)

[Author’s comment: This phenomena should be regarded as anecdotal until it is studied scientifically.]