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Author’s definition[edit]

These are beliefs in which combine evaluative thinking with causal (or to be more precise, anti-causal) thinking and which claim the existence of something that one would expect to be an impossibility, such as a supra-human or supernatural power that defies the laws of physics. The evaluative belief component may involve good or evil.


Examples include a belief in an imaginary magical beings that is extremely good such as a an angel witch, or one that is evil such as a black witch or warlock. An example of an imaginary magical evaluative belief could be that the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz can fly. This is magical because people cannot fly on broomsticks, so in this belief, causality is suspended. It is evaluative because it features the idea of evil.

Association with dreams and nightmares[edit]

These beliefs are associated with dreams and nightmares. They are not unusual in clinical practice in wording with fibromyalgia and severe insomnia patients provide the doctor shows a genuine non-judgmental interest and develops a relationship of trust.

Relationship to fibromyalgia treatment[edit]

There is extensive anecdotal evidence that magical beliefs guide some patients I their selection of treatments from health care professional and no-health care professionals.

Further perspective[edit]

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