Catastrophic Thinking Questionnaire

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Catastrophic questionnaire (restricted).png
Catastrophic Thinking Questionnaire
Dr. Mark Doidge, M.D. All rights reserved.
The catastrophic thinking questionnaire is restricted. All rights reserved by Dr. Mark Doidge, M.D. To gain access to this questionnaire, you must attain the permissions. To view or utilize this questionnaire beyond restricted access, please email Dr. Mark Doidge at


No points for Never, one point for “Sometimes”, two points for “Often”, and three points for “Very often”. The maximum possible score is 36.

As of April 2021, there has been a study, so norms are not known.

This test was created because I could not find a general assessment for catastrophization. Rather I found studies of pain catastrophization, which can be too specific.

This form can be the nucleus for planning psychotherapy for catastrophization. I suggest focusing on answers that were either “Often” or “Very often.”