Alternative and Complementary Medicine Theories of Fibromyalgia

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A great number of complementary and alternative medicine treatments for FM has been tried. Many patients have tried quite a few of them.

One day someone could come up with a good idea that does work but they don’t have proof because there was no study. Generally, these theories lack studious thoughtful foundation based on the known science. Some might come from self-appointed ‘geniuses’ who fancy themselves to be healers. Crackpot theories by charlatans have been part of health care since the dawn of time.

In some instances, a cure is proposed without explicitly stating the theory, but the theory can easily be inferred.

Some theories have a plausible but untrue as when and abnormal lab result is used to claim that the cause has been found, but the results is incidental and not causal. For example when people get run down they may develop fibromyalgia and an infection at the same time, but the infection may have arisen because the immune system is malfunctioning and it is not the cause. (Fibromyalgia: Complementary and alternative treatments. February 21, 2018; [Internet], found on the NSBI bookshelf.)

“Research has suggested that traditional Eastern practices such as tai chi, qigong and yoga can relieve fibromyalgia symptoms. There is no proof that other complementary or alternative treatments help.”