Aggression and Reactions to Aggressive Threats in Fibromyalgia

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Defensive activation to aggressive threat in fibromyalgia[edit]

“A study of fibromyalgia patients by Bartley et al. using a well-validated picture-viewing paradigm to evoke emotional responses included having the subjects look at unpleasant (attack related) pictures has shown that these patients had greater defensive activation (displeasure, subjective arousal, corrugator EMG) to the unpleasant, threat-related pictures. The authors concluded: ”Results from the present study suggest that FMS is associated with enhanced defensive activation to nonpainful threat-related stimuli, but not deficits in appetitive reactions to erotic stimuli. These findings have implications for the treatment and study of fibromyalgia syndrome.” (Experimental assessment of affective processing in fibromyalgia. Bartley, EJ et al. J Pain. 2009 Nov;10(11):1151-60.) For further perspective see the entry for Danger Mode Hypothesis, The.